“This is my first job working in the care industry and I love it. I get so much job satisfaction from looking after people. I have really embraced my role as a support worker. The people I look after really appreciate what I do for them and you don’t get that in many jobs!

My management are very supportive and are always available to give advice or help in any way they can. I think this approach makes Evolving Care stand out and a place that many people want to work for.”

Eeden Varney

“I love my carers, they do a brilliant job supporting me. I don’t want anyone else; I just want Evolving Care please.”

Mrs Cross

“Evolving Care is the best Care Agency that I have worked for; they respect my availability and recognise work life balance very well. I like the office staff as they are always friendly and helpful. I am extremely happy with my hours and rota on a weekly basis”

Danielle Copeland