Emergency Cover & Hospital Discharge

In the event that you or a loved one may need emergency cover, Evolving Care can help you and support you in your own home. You may have difficulty managing at home our professional teams are competent and confident to support you or a loved at every stage of your journey. Your difficulties may be short term, for example, you may have had an operation and be recovering at home, or you may be cared for by someone who has to go into hospital. You may need longer term help due to an accident or illness, or no longer be able to look after yourself very well.

Complex discharge

If you need more specialised care after you leave hospital, your discharge or transfer procedure is referred to as a ‘complex discharge’. For example, you may:

  • have ongoing health and social care needs or
  • need community care services

Evolving Care can provide the right professional to you in your own home. You will be able to discuss arrangements for your discharge with hospital staff, our professional trained staff can liaise with the discharge teams to ensure you have the best possible care and support for when you return home.

Our service is outcome based and person centred plans are tailored to each individual, which is regularly reviewed with the service user. We strongly believe that people should have a stronger voice in decisions about their care, and that services should better reflect their needs and preferences therefore supporting you to live as independently as possible and empowering you to have choice and control over your care. We adopt a partnership approach, working closely with you and your family and other healthcare professionals involved in your care to ensure that a consistent approach is employed.

We at Evolving Care believe person centred home care is built on the recruitment of the right staff and support, training and partnership working is vital to ensure a flexible home care service which is provided this we believe are key components of a quality home care service for individuals with complex needs, this we believe are key components of a quality home care service for individuals with complex needs. Evolving Care is able to provide a range of healthcare professionals and care worker professionals with specific skills, which are tailored to individual requirements.